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About Us

Being a former teacher, and a broker/owner of Jill Guzman Realty INC. for more than 30 years, I have found that the greatest reward is helping each and every customer and client with all of my heart!
At Jill Guzman Realty INC, you are not a number one. You are a person with an individual need, and our goal is to meet your need!!!!
Many times, you will be surprised to find that I, Jill, answer my Phones!
Of course I do! I am a very simple down to earth person, nothing makes me happier than hearing my customer’s voices and having with them!! Personal assistants calling to make appointments for me. Is something that will, never happen! Although my office is super busy, you will talk to me, because I care and I want to be there for you to advise, counsel and help you!
We are completely trilingual in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and the best language that we speak is the language of sincerity! Conveniently located in Elmora, Elizabeth NJ, next to the wonderful art gallery of good old fashioned service as well, we are so accessible by bus, train or foot. Feel free to visit us and relax in our comfortable and cozy office. Which really feels like home sweet home! The Guzman family will be so happy to have you!
Mr. Juan Guzman , from Bogota, Colombia is our advertising manager.
List you home with us and you will see Mr. Guzman in snow, rain, and sleet putting out those flyers so your home gets the attention it needs!!!!
He is terrific at his advertising skills and absolutely loves his work….
His wife Jill, is the broker of record, and she will make sure you Real Estate need are met… Having the same clients for 28 years, speaks for itself!!!
Juan and Jill pride themselves on the achievement of their brilliant daughter Marla Ann, who will be graduating in a couple of months as an M.D.! Marla like mommy and daddy is a wonderful example of achieving all goals through unbelievable sacrifice and hard work, and not letting anything stand in the way! Marla will dedicate her life to helping patients, in the same old fashioned way that mom and dad help their clients. One on one!
The wonderful love of the Guzman family is their 4 best canine friends! Jill is a true vegetarian and animal lover. “Mr. John Kerry, the intelligent apricot poodle is bilingual! Miss Milagros, the amazing therapeutic standard poodle will stay right by your side, Mr. William Shakespeare, the snowy white bijou is always ready for a dog, and Tico pura vida, this man will make you laugh!
Come on over and meet the entire Guzman Family. We will make sure you arrive at home sweet home!

  • The Jill Guzman's Family was so happy to enjoy such special moments with our community !!!